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Create a story like no other!


Bluurb is a hilarious and easy-to-learn digital word-game that lets you create your own short story.


Maybe you want to create a story about aliens visiting earth? Or write a letter home from your crazy summer camp? Or how about the legendary tale about a pirate captain and a cursed treasure? They’re all here, and you get to decide what happens. Whether you’re stuck indoors on a rainy day, on a long car ride, or at the park on a sunny day, Bluurb is an engaging and inclusive activity for all ages!


Bluurb directs your attention away from the screen, creating a shared experience of telling stories, while also learning basic grammar and exploring your imagination.


Available stories

How it works

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A Bluurb is a story created by you, by simply talking to the app and coming up with words when prompted, be it a color, a verb, noun, a number or day in the week, or why not a favorite food? After you’ve completed your Bluurb, the app reads it back to you, orchestrated with rich sound effects and music. With a simple tap you can save and share your unique story with other players!


With our patented technology, you can set how many words you want to create, from just a few to many. The more words you insert into a story, the more uniquely yours it becomes.


Bluurb™ - Told by You. Powered by Wanderword & Cereproc


Bluurb is a fun interactive word-game that lets you create your own unique short story.


Start with picking a story that looks fun to you.


Create your story by coming up with as many crazy and silly words as you can.


You don’t need your hands to play Bluurb. Just like with Siri or Alexa, you can talk to Bluurb and tell it how you want your story.


When you're done, listen to your very own story created in this new fill-in-the-blank story game.


Save your best stories and personalize your profile. 

You and your children’s privacy is our top priority.

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